Sri Lankan Hot TV Presenter and Models Kaushalya Madhavi

If I am to name a person who is always smiling and cheerful both on screen and off the screen, my first pick would be Kaushi.  With being positive as her daily prayer, Kaushi is always cheerful.  Many Sri Lankans, especially the “brides to be” know her very well as she is the host of a very popular bridal show on Sri Lankan TV.
Team Life Online met with Kaushi for a quick chat and here is what she had to say.

What was the starting point of your career, tell us the story?

It was a very straightforward incident, but I guess I embraced it positively. One day I was invited by the producer of Subasiri to present the show and that could be said as the starting point of my career as a TV presenter. And from that day on my career grew and I guess I came to a good level as a TV presenter. I got the great opportunity to organise the recently concluded Wedding Show 2013 where my company “Kaushi’s Bridal Boutique” had a soft launch and thus officially I became a bridal wear designer and consultant.

Kaushi, is there a reason why you appear in more bridal TV shows, and I hear you are planning to have your own bridal store soon as well. Do you have a sweet tooth for bridals?

Yes, I will be opening my exclusive bridal wear store named “Kaushi’s Bridal Boutique” in early March this year.

I have pursued my higher education in the field of Fashion Designing and Technology and this has always made me become an enthusiast of fashion. This also led me in accepting to host “Subasiri” which is a premier bridal programme in the local Sri Lankan TV scene. In doing so I was able to get an immense experience on everything to do with Bridal. This led me to the idea of opening up my own exclusive bridal boutique which will be a new experience for the Sri Lankan brides to be... So yes you can say I have a sweet tooth for bridal.

As a popular TV presenter, what are the key ingredients to be successful?

Well as I have said in my life quote you have to be positive in any endeavours that you take on in life. You have to have love and passion for the thing that you present and not be only be interested in becoming famous. If you are not happy about the content you present I don’t think you can give a 100%.

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