The Winner of Sirasa Superstar Season 3 ■ Shanika Madumali

    If you are wondering who won Sirasa Superstar Season 3 Grand finale, we are happy to announce that in the grand finale held this evening, Shanika Madumali was awarded as the Sirasa Superstar Season 2 titleholder. Shanika Madumali contested with Arjun Rukantha for the title of Sirasa Superstar Season 3, and the winner was announced this evening at the grand finale held at CR & FC stadium. 

        The Superstar Show host, Kamal Addaraarachchi announced that he will retire from the show, and he said that this is the last time he is hosting the show. Let’s congratulate Shanika Madumali for becoming the winner of Sirasa Superstar Season 3. Let’s congratulate Arjuna Rukantha who performed well, but came a little bit short in SMS votes to become the winner of Sirasa Superstar Season 3.

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