Muthu Imesha- Srilankan Model

When deciding on buying new outfits, always remember that fitted is better. Clothes that are too square or baggy will just hang from your widest point, making you look big all over. Fitted clothes can take years, and pounds, off your look.
Tailored jackets that go in at the waist will always give an illusion of shape and will define your waist, even if you do not have one.
Another mistake that is commonly made is to opt for outfits that are too large for you. Whenever you are in a fitting room, always take the size that you think you are, and the next size down in with you. This is not to say that you should select skin tight clothing, which will never be flattering, but always make sure that the outfits fit properly. Often you will find that the bigger size does not look bad on you, but then you discover that the smaller size looks fantastic on you.
You will find that the sizing in stores is rarely consistent, so you may think that a size 14 will suit you, when in fact a size 12 looks loads better. This is what you call an easy way of losing a dress size.
A lot of people suffer from body distortion, thinking that they are bigger than they actually are.
Always take notice of where the clothes end. One top may look great on you at one length, but may appear shapeless on you at another length.
Shapes and styles are always changing, as fashion is constantly reviving its fabrics and looks, often quite subtly. Keeping on top of fashion journals and magazines will always point you in the direction of current trends before you trundle off down to the mall.
Do not make the error of thinking that just because a certain fabric is in fashion again, that your old clothes will still work. Always check the lengths and shapes, otherwise you will just end up looking dated, and it will be obvious that you are wearing years old clothing.
The retro look is very much in at the moment, but you need to choose well and blend them in with modern clothes, otherwise you will look like you have got dressed in the dark in the morning. If you are not fully confident, then just opt to tweak your wardrobe, introducing new patterns and shapes.
Certain items can make you appear frumpy over a certain age, so do not think that wearing fashionable clothes will automatically make you look younger. Always choose clothing that will highlight your good points, without appearing as mutton dressed as lamb.
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